Wednesday, March 6, 2013

My failure is not final!

Today I failed miserably.... 

I failed to speak kindly.  I failed to have self control.  I felt to show love.

I acted impusively.  I acted selfishly.  I acted immaturely. 

I was left with regret.   I was left with remorse.   I was left wondering if I will ever get it right.

The reality is I have failed many times over, in one way or another, and that is not going to change.  Isn't that so encouraging?  Not really, I know. 
But we don't need to remain in that place of doesn't have to have the final say.  It simply leads us right back to the best position we can be the feet of Jesus!   He went to the cross for our failures.  He paid the ultimate price for every single one of them.  So that we can move forward and be set free from the weight of our failures.  Now that is encouraging news!!!

In those moments, when I have failed to say or do the right thing, I question how God can use me?  How can I be effective for Him, when I am so...defected?

Was Abraham a defect?  How about King David, did he ever fail?  Was Moses without mistakes?
Abraham lied.  David committed adultery.  Moses murdered.
In Psalms 51, after David failed miserably, He cries out to God.  He humbles himself before His maker.  He turns his eyes upward.  He bends his knees downward.  He allows the sin to come outward.  His heart is made new.  He doesn't remain in his failure.
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I may walk into the throne room before my King feeling like a big ol' failure,
but I walk out forgiven and clean....a brand new creation!  I walk away feeling so loved. 
Thank you Jesus that my failure is not final!  There is always hope in you!!  My life is full of amazing success because you are at the center of my life!
(P.S. - I am so thankful for friends who know me, know my heart, and point me right back to Jesus on days like today!!  What a blessing to have friends who know my failures but even more importantly know my successes!!) 

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