Thursday, November 17, 2011

"Shwmae" from the United Kingdom!

What a fun & busy week we had!  This week in our Expedition Earth studies we visited the United Kingdom!  This is definately an area of the world I would love to visit some day, and my girls wholeheartedly agree.  First things first, they stamped their passports and located the country on the map!  The United Kingdom is made up of Northern Ireland, Wales, Scotland, and England!

They learned how to write "Hello", "Thank you", and "Good-bye" in Welsh.

They always love dancing to the song of the week from our Wee Sing Around the World CD!

They completed a flag and map for their notebooks!

They added "United Kingdom" label to the Continents Wall poster.

They love making the animal mini books and placing the animals on our wall classification chart.  Animals included: Sand Lizard, Adder, Eurasian Otter, Red Squirrel, Basset Hound, and Hedgehog!

They did a fun Quilling Paper project!

Learned about Stonehenge and made their own out of clay.

Worked on their GeoPuzzle for Europe.

And watched a YouTube video of Britains Got Talent - Susan Boyle

This week for our Missionary studies, we read about George Mueller!

We also mananged to go on a field trip with friends to the local children's museum!

And we attended Presentation night for our homeschool co-op!  Our oldest sang on stage with her class
"I wanna Sing, Sing, Sing"

A few other things we did:
  • Prayed for the country
  • Watched YouTube videos about Big Ben and the the London Eye!
  • Read out of our Encyclopedia of World Geography
  • Learned about Children from this country
Told you it was a busy week!  Well "Diolch" (thank you) for checking out my blog!  "Hwyl fawr" (good bye) until next time.  Next stop is France!

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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

"Zdravstvujte" from Russia!

This week in our Expedition Earth studies we "Travelled" to Russia (the European side).   However, we started our week out throwing an Operation Christmas Child Shoebox Party and inviting all our friends!

We had so much fun and ended up with about 45 boxes all together!!  

With the geography they began with stamping their passports and finding that tiny little country on the was so hard to find because it's so little.  Just kidding!!  Russia is the largest country in the world.  It is so big that a train ride across the country takes a full week, a plane trip takes about 10 hours, and the country is divided into 11 time zones. 

The girls practiced writing their names, "Hello" and "Thank you" in Russian!

They colored a flag of Russia.

They put together their animal mini-books which included: the Russian Desman, Wolverine, Musk Deer, European Mink, Monk Seal, and Lemming.  Than they added the animals to their wall classification chart.

They also added the "Russia" label to our Continents poster.  The first one in our stop in Europe!

They also did a craft to add to their MissionaryKeepsake boxes.  Last week we read about Lottie Moon.  She was a very generous person and was a "light" for God in China!  The girls made a sun, moon, and star to help remind them to be a "light" too!

Other things we did this week:
  • Learned a Russian Song
  • Listened to a Tchaikovsky - Nutcracker song.
  • Read about a child from Russia
  • Learned about the many ecosystems in Russia: Tundra's, Plains, Peninsula's, and Swamps
  • Prayed for the people of Russia
  • Watched YouTube videos of Russian Children Dancing, Singing, and famous guitarist, Anna Likhachev!
Well "Spasibo" for checking out this blog.  Next stop is the United Kingdom!
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Friday, November 4, 2011

"Sawa-dee" from Thailand

Last week we took off from school and enjoyed spending time with friends and having a low-key week!  So this week we got back into the swing of things with our Expedition Earth studies, learning all about Thailand!  They started out stamping their passports and finding the country on the large wall map!

They learned how to say "Hello" in Thai and wrote down their names and "Hello" and "Thank-you" in Thai.

They put together their animal mini books and added the animals to the wall classification chart.  This week the animals included: centipede, lantern bug, bungarus, sei whale, lynx spider, and the striped weasel!

They added the "Thailand" label to the continents poster as well (our last country for Asia).

They also colored little Thai paper dolls!

Read about missionary Lottie Moon in our "Hero for Young Readers" Series!

Other things we did:
  • Prayed for the people of Thailand
  • Learned about Thailand Floating Markets
  • Read about Children from Thailand
  • Read in our geography book about floods and droughts
  • Reviewed all the countries in Asia and their location on the map
  • Read one of our Caravan Friends stories
We will most definately be going out for Thai food....just not sure when.  I will post pictures once we go!

"Khawp Khun" (Thank you) for stopping by my blog!  Now we are moving on to Europe with our first stop being in Russia!