Wednesday, December 14, 2011

"Γεια σας" from Greece!

This week in our Expedition Earth studies we "travelled" to Greece.  First thing was to stamp their passports and locate the country on the map!  Greece is about the size of Alabama.

They learned how to write "hello","thank you", and "I love you" in Greek

They had fun dancing to the song this week from "Wee Sing Around the World"

They colored a Greek flag

They put together their animal mini books and added the animal cards to the wall classification chart!

They colored a paper doll from Greece

They also added the country label to the Continents poster

This week for our Missionary studies, we read about Jonathan Goforth.

And getting ready for Christmas they helped decorate our tree
and we are doing a daily advent calendar!

Some other things we did this week:
  • Read about a child from Greece
  • Prayed for the country
  • Watched YouTube videos of Greek dancing!
  • Read about the Mediterrean Climates in our Usborne Encyclopedia
  • Learned a little about Greek Parthenon
  • Played a game of "War" with our GeoCards.  Each would flip over a country card and the person whose country had the largest population got to keep all the cards from that round!
αντίο (goodbye) for now.  Next stop is a week of Christmas around the world!
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1 comment:

  1. Looks like fun! We are going to get a tree and do some decorating around the house this week (and have school vacation).