Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My plans for next year!

I can't believe the end of another "school" year is approaching.  We typically finish the end of May but I know every family is different in when they start/finish their year (if you don't homeschool year round!).  I have spent time looking over ideas for next year and have finally made up my mind.  I wanted to make sure everything I chose aligned with my overall homeschooling goals & priorities. 

Here is what I have planned to use with both my girls:

We also well continue with in-home piano lessons, swim lessons (2 weeks - 2x year), and may participate in one extracurricular activity each outside the home.  Hip Hop for my older and Basketball for my younger.  The Hip Hop would take place at Fresh Attitude, and from feedback from other parents the owner/director does a fantastic job honoring the Lord in her music choices, modest clothing requirements, and dance moves taught.  My younger would do 2 months of basketball through a local sports organization, in the slower months of January/February while we are on a break from our co-op and have very few commitments. 

We are apart of a wonderful co-op where my girls have the chance to participate in physical education, art, science, history, and musical classes to name a few.

Everything listed backs up the educational approach the Lord is calling me more and more to follow.  Please check out my "Stepping Off The Beaten Path" series to learn more about the changes I have made in our home.  Start by reading week 1 and go from there! 

So are you figuring out your plans for next school year?  I'd love to hear what you're doing!

If narration is something you'd like to incorporate more with your kids, check out, "Marvelous Are Thy Works: Exploring the ART of narration" - A 36 week, Charlotte Mason inspired,  narration & creative art tool to use alongside your read alouds, history, science, Bible readings, or even as a nature journal!!

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  1. Sounds pretty doable and not overwhelming. It's exciting to finally have it figured out, with God's help, eh?! :D

  2. I liked all the pretty art pictures in the Queens' Pictures in Cursive books. I couldn't bear to let my kids write in them, (we wrote on lined paper) as I wanted to be able to reuse them.