Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Homeschooling R.O.C.K.S - Meet Kandace

Homeschooling R.O.C.K.S!

Real Moms, who face different Obstacles and Challenges as they homeschool their kids, yet put their trust in their King, Jesus Christ, and Stand firm in what the Lord has called them too!

Sorry I was not given a photo for this family!  But her words are very encouraging!

Me: "Kandace. I'm excited to have the opportunity to hear your unique story and experiences with homeschooling your children. So thank you for being willing to share!!"

Kandace : No problem! I always enjoy reading these and get so much encouragement from them.

Me: "Since I don't know you personally I'd love to hear about your family dynamics"

Kandace: We are a young family of five. Its my husband and I, our three kids, Landen (8), Owen (4), and Kennedy (8months). We also have a dog (Scooter, 7), a snake (Shredder, 2 months), and a fish (Spiderman, ?). My husband works shiftwork so we have odd hours with him. I am a SAHM and spend my time running the kids here and there and of course, teaching them.

Me: "Can you tell me about your educational upbringing? Did you attend public school, private school, homeschooled, or a combination? Do you feel like you had a positive experience?

Kandace: Both my husband and I were in public school. We actually attended the same schools from 6th grade on. We both did well in school and really just had the "normal" experiences there. We were both "gifted", in band, I was in dance, he was in sports, etc. At the time, I loved it, as I knew nothing else...plus homeschoolers are weird!! ;) Now that I'm older I see that I can offer my kids a different alternative. I was always upset when a class I wanted wasn't available to take, etc. I want my kids to be able to delve into what ever their interests may be, outside of the core curriculum.

Me: "I love asking how others made the decision to homeschool. For some it was a no brainer decision while others were very uncertain initially. How did you make such a big decision for your family?"

Kandace: My oldest was in ps for kinder and first. He had excellent teachers for both. In first grade he would come home very upset because of other students. He complained of being bored, of wanting to do more, etc. After a couple teacher's conferences and realizing that the problems weren't really my son, the kids, or the teachers, I realized that he might need a different learning environment. It took me months and months to convince my husband to give homeschooling a try. He was NOT on board at first but has since come around! This will be our second year and we are loving it.

Me: "Can you give me 3 of your favorite aspects of homeschooling and 3 struggles you have faced?

Kandace: Favorites:
1. Spending time with my kids. I love having them home everyday and not missing all the little moments.

2. Seeing their relationships with each other grow. Don't get me wrong, they fight like cats and dogs, but I believe being together and learning together has brought them together in a way they weren't before.

3. Flexibility. So often we missed things because we had school, school work, or other school related activities. I love taking a sick day and not feeling like my kids are missing something important. If we decide to go to the zoo we can go during the week and miss the crowds!

Least Favorites:

1. My kids always being home. I know, I said it was a favorite, but really, its both. Most days I LOVE it but some days...mama needs a break and would love for that yellow school bus to stop by my house!

2. Scheduling, planning, etc. I am not an organized person by nature. Sticking to a schedule or plan, getting the correct things together and not procrastinating have all been things I've struggled with. Knowing that my kids are depending on me has made me be more accountable but I still struggle.

3. My house is never clean. Ever.

Me: "Has your immediate and extended family/friends been supportive of your decision or have you faced any opposition? If you have faced opposition how did you handle it?

Kandace: Originally I think they all thought I was crazy but at least to my face they all seem to have come around. Thankfully no one has had any snide remarks.

Me: "Have you ever had moments where you see that school bus go by your house and wonder what life would be like if you could ship your kids off to school?? Or have your kids ever asked you if they can go to school?

Kandace :
-My kids love being home thankfully!

Me: "What are your overall goals and purposes in homeschooling your kids?"

Kandace : I want them to be able to learn in the style that comes naturally to them, at their own pace, and with less pressure than traditional schools. Many schools today seem to be very test score driven and I want them to learn more than how to pass a test. Honestly, I don't remember much from my older school years other than test prep. I also want them to be able to explore deeper into subjects they find interesting and also things that might not even be in the curriculum!

Me: "As a mom I know you give so much of yourself to your kids and your family, but is there anything you enjoy doing by yourself or for yourself?"
Kandace:  I love taking pictures, reading, and doing house projects. Those things really make me feel like ME.

Me: "Is there anything else you'd like to say or add that I didn't cover?"
Kandace: Its not easy. Don't go into this thinking it will be. It won't be everything it is in your mind. Some days you WILL want to give up and you WILL wonder if its all worth it. It IS worth it.

Me: "How fun to meet a fellow homeschool mama. It was a privilege to chat and get to know you! Blessings!"

Kandace: Thanks so much for a chance to share!!

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