Monday, July 1, 2013

Thank you Georgie!

Nothing like your running buddies
This past weekend my family went to Pacific City, Oregon.  My mom had decided that for her 60th birthday she wanted to rent a beach house and have her children and grandchildren all together for the weekend.

I was suppose to run 8 miles this weekend as part of my training plan for the Every Girls Half Marathon.  It can be a challenge though to figure out a route to run in an unfamiliar place.  I did some research  and came up with a plan to run all the way down the beach, which happened to be a peninsula, to where the ocean goes inland into the Nestucca Bay.  It was 4 miles down and 4 miles back.  Perfect!!

The day before we were suppose to leave on our trip, however, I came down with the worst sore throat.  It came on fast and without warning.  I started gargling insanely with my DoTerra Oregano and Onguard oils.  Thankfully by Saturday I was feeling much better and ready to hit the road...or rather, hit the sand!!  But I wasn't sure how far I would actually end up going.

I began my run from the beach house and made my way to the beach and onto the sand.  I told my husband I would probably just run a few miles and meet up with everyone afterwards.  But not too far into my run I was itching to go much further...I sent him a quick text that said, "I'm gonna run 8!"  It was the most incredible feeling running on the beach, especially on such a perfect day!!!

The further I ran though, the less and less people I saw.  It was broad daylight out but I tend to veer on the "way to cautious" side and finally I decided I should probably turn around and head back towards civilization.  I checked my RunKeeper and was less than 3 miles into my run.  I figured I would get close to 6 miles in by the time I got back, not bad, but it still wasn't my 8 mile goal. 
I turned around to head back, feeling disappointed that I didn't make it to the end of the peninsula, when within a few minutes I saw a female runner coming in my direction!!!  I had a sudden thought...maybe she was going to the end and I could tag along behind her!  I approached her as she got closer and explained I didn't want to run alone but had hoped to run all the way to the Bay and back.  She was more than willing to have me run with fact she went above and beyond and asked if I wanted to run and talk.  We introduced ourselves and began talking and sharing with each other!  Her name is Georgie, a sweet 55 year old gal, married for close to 30 years, with two grown sons!! 
Georgie and I (photo taken at the end of our run!)
We talked as we ran...we talked about running of course, but also kids, husbands, hardships, etc...when we reached the end of the peninsula we stopped for a few minutes to take in the beautiful scenery!

small canoe sitting along the waters edge of the Nestucca Bay!

The specks down near the water are a bunch of seals!!  And look at the beautiful home overlooking the ocean!

Then we began the 4 mile run back...again talking the entire time.  I was so thankful for the company and how much it helped the run to go by quicker.  By the time we reached our stopping place and I checked my RunKeeper app on my phone...I had run 9.41 miles!!

Georgie, thank you so much for being willing to not only run with me at your side but for being a person who went above and beyond to extend such kindness to me!  I was so blessed by our run.  I love the running community and how two strangers can become instant friends!! 

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Happy Running!!!


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  1. Super neat that you went above your goal and made a new friend at the same time! I love how God works!