Thursday, February 12, 2015

One Pebble At A Time

One small little pebble, even a few, don't really amount to much.  You can't really create anything of significance when you only have a dozen in the palm of your hand. 
I want you to think of each word you utter as one small pebble....that adds up to ALOT of pebbles in a lifetime.  Every pebble from every word spoken is added to build one of two pathways.  One pathway that leads to life and another path that leads to death.  Think about every person God has put in your life...which pathway are you adding pebbles to in each of those relationships?
It's easy to look at one small pebble and see it as insignificant and harmless.  One word spoken in anger, frustration, or hurt...not a big deal.  We all have our "off" days, right?  The person on the receiving end of my harsh words...they know I love them.  So you've just tossed a pebble onto the path leading to death.  Then you turn around and speak a word of praise, adoration, encouragement, or you've laid one on the path leading to life.   
Which pathway do you want to put the most time, energy, and effort into building?  It happens one pebble at a time but over a series of weeks, months, and years it adds up to something of absolute significance. 
  Edify. Encourage. Uplift. Praise. Comfort. Inspire. Strengthen. Compliment. Esteem. Respect.
Choose Life Giving Words and you will construct the most beautiful, thriving, flourishing, healthy, lush pathway.
Look beyond the pebble to the completed pathway.  Your words matter.  Every. Single. Word. Uttered.
If you struggle with your words, with anger, with coming unglued, I encourage you to: 
  1. Get on your knees, right now, and pray these words - "Jesus, I desperately need you to bring change and to set me free.  I am hurting.  I am struggling.  I don't know how to get my emotions under control and I need your help.  I repent before you for all the words I've spoken in anger or frustration.  I want my words to build a pathway of life in my marriage, with my children,  and in all my relationships.  I want my words to honor my husband, encourage my children, and edify others.  Please provide the tools, resources, and help in my life to begin to make some very needed changes in how I speak. Change me from the inside out.  I have laid so many pebbles down on the wrong pathway and although I can't undo my past, with your help I can begin to build a beautiful pathway from this day forward.  In Jesus name I pray, Amen."
  2. Go to anyone whom you have harmed by your words and humbly seek forgiveness. 
  3. Spend time every day in God's Word and in prayer...even if it's only 5 minutes or doing devotionals alongside your children (that counts too!)
  4. Have a "grateful" journal you can write in daily and list out things you are thankful for in your life.  It's easy to focus in on the negatives in those we spend the most time with and lose sight of all the wonderful aspects of our life.  Don't take any person in your life for granted.
  5. Find a wonderful Christian Counselor and commit to a season of individual counseling.  Perhaps there are some things from your past where healing needs to happen in order for you to begin a new pathway in your life.
  6. Read - "Unglued: Making wise choices in the midst of raw emotions" by Lysa Terkeurst
  7. Recognize that you can only take steps to change YOU...and changing the way you speak is a great start!!!
I share all of this out of my own personal struggles and experiences. 
I can't undo the past but I can create a very different future. 
Every Pebble Matters!

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  1. Andrea that was beautiful and encouraged me right where I needed it. Prayed the prayer through tears. I will be watching my pebbles more closely. Thank you for sharing your heart.