Thursday, September 29, 2011

"Annyeong" from South Korea

This week we "travelled" to South Korea in our Expedition Earth  studies.  First stop was adding the Korean flag sticker to their passports and putting down the arrival date.

The girls would find S. Korea on the map each day and review what continent it is on as well as if it's found in the North of South Hemisphere.

They practiced writing their names in Korean.

Made their animal mini books and hung the animals up on the classification chart.

They colored the Korean Flag.

Added the South Korea label on their continents poster!

And made jeweled crowns (The Koreans were known for creating these elaborately decorated metal crowns for their royalty’s attire. Each crown contained countless jewels and precious stones!)

We also read about missionary Hudson Taylor (who actually was in China) and drew a picture of a group of people working as a team because that is exactly how the China Inland Mission came to be...teamwork!

And the girls rocked it on their chores this week!

Kamsahamnida (thank-you) for reading this blog post!  Next week we travel to Japan!

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