Thursday, October 6, 2011

"Konnichiwa" from Japan!

To start our week off, we went on a field trip with friends from our homeschool co-op to The NW Trek Wildlife Park.  What a fun experience to see all those amazing animals up so close.  We saw everything from beavers, coyotes, bears, bison, moose, deer, mountain goats, skunks, otters, and cougars!  And of course viewing all the different and breathtaking habitats!

This week we "travelled" to Japan with our Expedition Earth studies.  First off they stamped their passports and located the country on the map!

The girls put together their animal mini books and added animals to the classification chart.

They had fun writing their names in Japanese.

They did their map & flag pages.

And added Japan to their Continents poster.

We made our first ever Origami's (star shaped boxes).  This was a success thanks to a step by step You Tube video!

And while eating Spaghetti for dinner my girls reminded me that in Japan it is POLITE to slurp your noodles!
My girls are having table manners...if they lived in Japan!

We also watched a few You Tube videos about the Itsukushima Shrine  and the recent Tsunami 2011 that happened in Japan.  It was a short but fun week learning about Japan. 

Arigatou (thank-you) for stopping by and Sayonara (good-bye) until next time.  Next stop is India!

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