Thursday, October 13, 2011

"Namaskar" from India!

This week we "travelled" to India in our Expedition Earth curriculum!  First things first they stamped their passports and of course found India on our world map!

They practiced writing their names, "hello", and "thank-you" in Hindi.

They did a map & flag page!

Added the India Label to our continents poster

They put together their animal mini-books for India which included: The Indian Elephant, Cherotain, Water Buffalo, Begal Tiger, Asian Cobra, and Indian Cow.

And added the animal photos to the classification chart!

They had fun making inlay jewel mosaics with Crayola self-hardening clay and plastic jewels!

And one of our highlights this week was doing My Passport to India project. 

I had ordered the free materials in advance.  The girls each got a passport and one paper suitcase piggy bank to add change to during the week.  Each day we went to the website and watched a short video, then answered 2 questions in the passport book and added a sticker.  The girls loved it!!  At the end of the week we did a small donation to the organization to help send kids in India to a Bible Club. ($1 will pay for one child to attend a Bible Club).

For our Missionary, we read about William Carey!
We also went to a local Indian Restaurant called "Ganesh"...but we went a week later.
She loved the curry chicken & rice!

Curry Chicken & Rice...Yummy!

Our oldest helping our youngest eat her food in the Nadi Bread!

Other things we did this week were:

  • Learned the Anilae Anilae song
  • Prayed for India w/around 800 million Hindu's
  • Learned how to say hello in Hindi
  • Learned about children in India
  • Watched a Youtube Bollywood video
"Dhanyabahd" (thank-you) for visiting this blog!  "Vidaaya" (Goodbye) for now.  Next week we will visit Israel!

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  1. I like the way Hindi writing looks-- it must have been interesting to write some Hindi words.