Monday, June 4, 2012

Dear Homeschooling Journey Blog, where have you been?

I haven't posted in a while, thanks to my computer being hit with at least 10 severe viruses.  I have not had access to our main home computer for several weeks now and that is the one I use to blog on.  We actually need to wipe our computer out and reload all the programs back on, but haven't done that yet.  I am a little hestitant to even be using it right now.  Its pretty scary when one second everything is fine and the next it appears that all your documents, photos, videos saved on your computer have been wiped out.  Thankfully my mom, who is a computer tech, was able to retrieve and save everything.  ALWAYS HAVE YOUR PERSONAL FILES SAVED ON A BACKUP!!!  Also be very careful of messing around on Google Images.  I was using this program often to find fun photos to use on my blog and didn't realize it's a feeding ground for viruses....I learned my lesson and will not use them anymore.

So I wanted to update everyone on how things are going with end of our year!!  We still have a tad bit more to finish up, as other things have taken precendence over the past few weeks...things like SUNSHINE!!  Lol  We also had a wonderful trip to the coast with my parents which was so much fun until the end when I got very sick after giving in to temptation and eating wheat/gluten! 

My oldest did her first year of standardized testing through Family Learning!  She did really well scoring in the 99th percentile.  It's a great feeling as a parent to see your child score so well...but at the same time the scores will vary over the years and I need to remind myself that is NOT what homeschooling is all about for me.  If you need some encouragement in this area check out my 4 week series called, "Stepping off the Beaten Path"

For Expedition Earth we have New Zealand, The Artic, and Antarctica to finish up.  Normally I would spend 2-3 days per country but as we neared the end and I realized I was a tad behind we have been completing two countries per week! 

Here are some photos of the countries we have "travelled" to over the past several weeks:

Finding the Countries on the Map!

South Africa






Here they are showing off their favorite animals!

Maps & Flags

Other things we've done:

  • Pray for the people of each country
  • Read about Children from the country
  • Read from "Window on the World" and "Usborne Living World Encycopedia"
  • Listen to songs from "Wee Sing Around The World"
  • Read about missionaries from YWAM - "Heroes for Young Readers" series!

 Thanks for stopping by!

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