Monday, December 24, 2012


I was recently reading words being expressed by the family of Ana Márquez-Greene, one of the children who died in the Connecticut shooting, their motto during this very painful time is, "Love Wins".  On a website created to remembering Ana it says, "Love Wins! This is how we remember Ana Grace. Despite the sadness caused by the recent events, the power of Ana's spirit and love will pull us together and guide us through these most difficult of circumstances. Love will overcome, Love will provide strength, and in the end Love Wins!"
What an amazing statement to proclaim in the midst of pure evil and absolute heartache. 
Love wins, love wins, love wins!!
Christmas day we celebrate the birth and the life of our Savior! 
A Savior who would introduce us to the most amazing, unexplainable, sacrificial and unconditional kind of love ever!  A love deeper, wider, stronger, bigger, and more powerful than any thing on this earth!

  A love that is so powerful it is able to penetrate even the hardest of hearts!  A love so big that it can overpower the darkest acts!  A love so strong it can conquer over any evil.  A love that brings hope to the hopeless.  A love that gives joy to the sorrowful.  A love that brings forgiveness to the bitter soul.  A love that empowers the timid to boldness.  A love that sets a sinner free!

As you go about your day, opening gifts, laughing with loved ones, enjoying delicious food and goodies, may you be reminded of God's love for you! 
Merry Christmas - Let love rule and reign in your hearts today and everyday!
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