Thursday, January 19, 2012

"Hoi" from the Netherlands!

This week in our Expedition Earth studies we "travelled" to the Netherlands!  First thing they did was stamp their passports and locate the country on the map.

They completed a mapping & flag activity.

Danced to the country song on the "Wee sing around the World" CD.

They also learned how to write a few words in Dutch!

 They put together their Animal Mini Books and added animals to their wall classification chart.

Placed the country card on the Continents wall poster.

We watched a YouTube Video called "A Movie about the Netherlands"!

For a craft they created a cute Ice Skating Painting.

Last week we read about "Corrie Ten Boom" for our Missionary studies.  She was from the Netherlands!  This week they made a Bible to remind them of Corrie sneaking her Bible into the prison camp.  They placed them in their Missionary Keepsake boxes.

And had fun in the snow that came our way this week!

Other things we did this week:
  • Prayed for people in the Netherlands
  • Read Country fun facts
  • Read about "Using Rivers" in Usborne Encyclopedia of World Geography
  • Bowling originated in the Netherlands from a game called Dutch Pins...and it just so happens we are going to a bowling birthday party this weekend!
  • Watched a YouTube video of kids dancing in the Netherlands
  • Watched a YouTube cartoon video that taught some Dutch words!
  • Stamped Passports with Exit date
Dank U for checking out this Blog.  Our next stop is Spain!
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  1. It looks like you got a LOT of snow; we didn't get enough for sledding--the snow was very wet, too. But Melinda and James did make a snowman.