Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Dancing Through The Seasons - Week 2

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"My daughter doesn't ever stop talking" 
(connecting with your daughter!)

The other night I laid on the top bunk with my 8 year old until 12:30 in the morning.  Was she scared? No.  Was she not feeling well? No.  She simply wanted to talk.  One of her favorite things to do is to lay in bed with me at nighttime and talk, and talk, and talk, and talk some more!  She was still going strong at 12:30am and I finally had to put my foot down and get my self to bed.  I'm pretty sure she could have lasted a few more hours.

Recently she had started to say something to her dad and suddenly stopped and said "Oh I don't know what I was gonna say, I just want to talk".  She was born with a personality that loves to talk, ask big questions, and think deep thoughts.  Her mouth always seems to be moving a mile a minute either talking, singing, whistling, rhyming, asking, or sharing.  

I'll admit, there are many times when I am just not in the mood for those questions, inquiries, or late night conversations.  But it is pretty amazing what takes place when I do make it a priority, when I do set aside the time, and when I do allow my girls to open up with me.

I certainly do well talking AT my girls.  I must be purposeful and intentional about setting aside uninterrupted time to talk WITH them and better yet, sit back and listen.  It allows me to have a glimpse into their hearts, their minds, their thoughts, their worries, their fears, their questions, and their desires.  They feel safe to confess things they have done or said that they are feeling conviction about.  

  It’s in those times that I have the opportunity to really connect with my girls!

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In her book, "Six ways to keep the little in your girl" , Author Dannah Gresh highlights the importance of really connecting with your daughter, why it matters, and how connecting forms values. I highly recommend reading this book if you have girls!

Connecting with my girls goes beyond talking too.  Knowing the things they love to do and participating alongside them is another very important way we can connect.  Some examples are getting down on the floor and playing at their level, snuggling on the couch, reading a favorite book together, allowing them to help in the kitchen, having a spa party or surprising them with a fun outing.  Yesterday I took my girls to an indoor trampoline park.  Initially I sat on the sidelines watching, but after several requests from my girls, I took off my boots and joined in on the fun!  And I must say, it was so much fun! 

I have been a lot more intentional this past year to plan activities with all my girls or one-on-one times.  Each of these special moments and late night talks are helping to build that connection between my girls and I. 


  Plan something special this week that will give your daughter that needed one-on-one time to open up and talk.
  • Plan a Mother-Daughter date
  • Pencil in a few times a month to have late night talks!
  • Create a Mama & Me Journal and write little messages back and forth to each other.

Coming up next week:  My Little Girl Isn't So Little Anymore

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Photo courtesty of Dana Leigh Photography

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