Thursday, February 9, 2012

"Salut" from Canada!

This week in our Expedition Earth studies we "travelled" to Canada!  First thing was stamping their passports and finding the country on the map!

They completed a map & flag activity.

Added Country label to Continents Poster

One of their favorite things is to dance to the song of the week!
They worked on their animal mini books and put animal cards on wall classification chart!

And they had fun making & playing with an Ice Sculpture Craft!
Other things we did this week:
  • Prayed for the People in Canada
  • Stamping passport with exit date
  • Read about Forests in our Living World Encyclopedia
  • Read about a Child from the Iqaluit Community
  • Watched a YouTube Video about the Hotel de Glace
  • Watched a Video Nunavut  (the Igloolik region of the Canadian Arctic-had some graphic images of hunting seals & caribou)  
"Merci" for visiting this blog!  Next Stop in our North America travels is The United States.

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  1. super cute! we just wrapped up our study of China with the Festival of Lanterns which was on Monday. There are like 30 lanterns hanging in their room now! I'll have to share a photo!

  2. Making miniature ice sculptures is a fun idea!