Monday, August 4, 2014

Candida Cleanse - Week 4

I am writing this blog post from the beautiful Oregon coast.  Enjoying some much needed time away with my girls and parents.  I took a lovely run on the beach this morning, followed by a 1 1/2 hour massage.  It was AMAZING!!

Photo taken from high up on a cliff-Pacific City, OR

This past week I finally had something done that I have been waiting to do for several months now....I had my one and only silver (amalgam) filling removed and replaced with a composite filling.  Amalgam fillings are comprised of 50% mercury.  These fillings are so hazardous to your health because there is a constant supply of mercury vapor making its way from your mouth into your body.  Here is a quote from Mercury Free Now:

"Mercury is the most poisonous, non-radioactive, naturally occurring substance on our planet. There is no safe level of mercury because even one atom of it in your body is doing some harm to it. There is no debate about the toxicity of mercury and every knowledgeable scientist and health professional understands how poisonous mercury is. Yet even today the American Dental Association (ADA) and pro-amalgam dentists who support its insane, logic defying position, continue to say that these fillings are perfectly safe and are not a health hazard."

I received my filling back in the spring of 2011.  I felt like I was talked into something I knew I didn't want in my mouth.  It was in the spring of 2012 that I started battling fatigue, followed by anxiety, adult acne, and some other health issues.  Were these all the result of mercury poisoning from one tiny filling in my mouth?  Maybe not, but I wanted it out once I learned the truth about silver fillings.  You can check out the Mercola, IAOMT, or Dental Wellness website for more info regarding mercury poisoning from silver fillings!

I learned something very important in the midst of researching about having my filling MUST go to a dentist who will follow a very safe protocol for removing the filling WITHOUT exposing themselves or you to breathing or ingesting mercury vapor or particles.  I chose Dr. Williamson of Centerpointe Dental, who follows the IAOMT safety protocol (International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology).  If you have silver fillings that you would like to have removed you can find a dentist in your area who follows the IAOMT safety protocol by clicking here.
This is what my dentist and assistant wore to protect themselves from inhaling any toxic vapors!  You don't see that everyday!

Below is a photo of my mouth.  Up at the top of the photo is the oxygen mask I wore to insure I was breathing in clean air.  The blue sheet is called a "rubber dam" and is a protective measure so that you don't ingest any particles during the removal process.

Everything about my experience with Dr. Williamson was great.  I am so glad to have the filling out!!
Now onto week 4 of my Candida Cleanse....
Today marks 4 weeks since I began this 6-8 week cleanse!  I have to retest my spit over the next 3 days.  This morning there was some slight sinking but definite improvement.  In the case of my saliva still sinking, I continue with my anti-fungal rotation for another 16 days before moving onto phase 2.  In phase 2 I will stop the 4 anti-fungals and switch to a product called Candicid Forte.  I will also switch my probiotic to OrthoBiotic.  There are some other suggestions in the cleanse as well for adding in products to help heal the lining of the gut and additional support for adrenals. 
I am looking forward to being done with this cleanse, but honestly, I will probably stick to eating very similar to this 80% of the time...and the other 20% is room for some special treats and of course my all time favorite...Thai Food (which is known to be high in sugar if eating out).  Also I absolutely can not wait to begin putting a frozen banana back in my smoothie....I am convinced that is what makes a smoothie taste so good!
Here is what a typical day on this cleanse might look like for me:
  • First thing in the morning - drink my sludgy "cocktail" of bentonite clay/food grade diatomaceous earth mixed in water each morning.  Followed by another glass of pure water.
  • 8am - Drink a green smoothie (almond milk, spinach, blueberries, chia seeds, flax seeds, coconut oil, pumpkin seed protein powder, Vitamineral Greens, Gelatin, and some water).  Take my anti-fungal supplement.
  • 10am - This could vary from leftovers, to a few slices of lunch meat (sugar free), to some organic Applewood turkey bacon with some eggs.
  • 12pm - An organic Applewood turkey burger, sweet potato, and some sautéed veggies.  Take my anti-fungal supplement.
  • 2 pm - a handful of Beanitos chips and almonds/cashews
  • 5:30 pm - Brown rice pizza crust (sugar free/yeast free) with organic pizza sauce (sugar free), organic pepperoni (sugar free), spinach, & bell peppers.  Take my anti-fungal supplement.
  • Bedtime - take my probiotics (Saccharomyces Boulardii)
**Notice I specified "sugar free" by many of the foods I listed above.  Sugar is in everything so if you are trying to limit/avoid it you really have to READ LABELS!! 
I am pressing on and entering my 5th week of this cleanse.  Looking forward to sharing with you again next week!
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  1. Hi, that is super interesting about having your filling removed. I would love to do that myself someday! I am curious as to when you can start eating normally again? Do you slowly add food back or just go whole hog at some point and eat anything?

    1. As far as eating "normally again" after the cleanse...the cleanse is 6-8 weeks in length. The goal, in my opinion, is to not ever return to eating the way I use to with all the refined sugar/processed foods. A good rule of thumb is an 80/20 rule. Eat a whole foods diet and no refined sugar 80% of the time and then the other 20% is room for the occasional dessert/treat/junk food! I hope that helps!

  2. Mercury can be quite dangerous, so I'm glad you recognized this and researched for other options. The fact that your both of you have to wear masks underscores this fact. With your new filling, you can now rest easy that you're no longer have the risk of introducing toxins to your body. Add the fact that your procedure appeared to be flawless makes it even better! Take care!

    Leigh Hamilton @ Arbor Ridge Family Dental

  3. Can't wait for the next candida cleanse update!

  4. How do you take the conduced forte?